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Kat Henaway


Politics in Colour

Kat was born and raised in Indigenous communities in North Queensland and is a descendant of the Mer and Mua people of the Torres Strait Islands. Over the past 30 years, she has gained significant experience working in multinational companies, government agencies and universities in Sydney, London & Edinburgh. Kat worked at City of Sydney (2009-2014) in the Office of Independent Councillors as well as in Council business. 

Today Kat is an Indigenous entrepreneur that specialises in Indigenous business and investments. As a Learning Designer, Kat has designed and delivered some of the country’s most innovative leadership programs including the country’s first Political Leadership Incubator for Women of Colour which was funded by Pathways to Politics for Women. She has volunteered for UN Women (2014), served as Board Director for Women for Election (2018-2020) and is currently Board Director for Bankstown Women's Health Centre and Indigenous People's Organisation Australia. Kat is also Indigenous Advisor to Women & Leadership Australia & Generation women.



Panel: How are First Nations leaders changing the Australian political landscape?

  • Outlining current and historical examples of how First Nations leaders are and have changed and shaped the Australian political landscape

  • Making politics an appealing career for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people Identifying the ample opportunity that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and communities have to continue to influence meaningful change in Australia

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